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Home Learning Summer 2019

Home Learning Summer 2019


  • Read your reading book as many days as you can at home – one or two pages a night would be great. Record in your diary. The more you read, the better you become! Don't forget to record your reading in your diary to earn your stickers!
  • When you have new spellings, practise them each night for a few minutes.
  • Practise your times tables and division facts for a few minutes each night – eg. 3x4=12 , 4x3=12, 12÷3=4, 12÷4=3

         Keep practising the same times tables until you know them off by heart.


         You can use RM Easimaths, Rockstars and Google classroom from home if you wish...


Investigators Home Learning: Summer Term 2019

There are different activities to choose to complete. Colour in and date the square when it has been completed.

You can choose whichever activity you want to do each week.

There are a range of practical and written based to suit all different learning styles.

If there are others that you can think of doing, please feel free to do them instead.  Enjoy, explore and create!



Interview one of your relatives about their school life and compare it to your own.

Produce a piece of art work called ‘A view from my window’.

Own choice.

New Fire Station in town – design your ideal Fire Station.

Explain the reasons for your choices.

Midway Park. What would you like our park to look like?

Show and explain.

Create a map of your garden. Use a key to identify each item.

Create a brochure about our school to attract other children.

A job has become available at one of the local shops. Create an advert for the shop owner, so that he or she attracts a lot of applications.

A piece of land has become available for development. Write a letter to the council that outlines what you would like to be built on it and why.

Produce a piece of art work that reflects your home in some  way.

Litter is a real problem in the town centre – what should be done to help to keep litter off the floor?

Own choice.

The Doctor’s Surgery – what support is given to the local community?

What is your favourite family meal? Explain how it is made.

The A511 (Burton Road) is so busy. Design a fly-over that could divert some of the traffic away from the area. Where would you build your design?