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Eureka - A wonderful, enriching learning journey where we are nurtured, inspired and challenged to be adventurers, thinkers, explorers, investigators and enquirers for life.

Learning in Enquirers...



Things to note:


PE - Wednesday and Thursday (PE kit should be in school all week ,in case of changes). During the Autumn term, we shall be swimming from the 25th September on a Wednesday. Thursday is our REAL PE session that takes place in the hall.

READING BOOKS - All Enquirers' have a school reading book, it would be useful if they could be encouraged to read at least a few pages every night. We encourage the children to read a whole variety of genres. Please comment in their diary if you are able to.

UKULELE - all the children that have had ukulele lessons in school before, may - if you and they wish - continue with extra lessons in ukulele or guitar (which is a natural progression). This will be a shared/individual lesson depending on need - there is a cost for yourselves (which is heavily subsidised). Please let Mrs Johnson know if you are interested.

PARENT MORNINGS - This term, you may visit and share our early learning with us on a Thursday between 8.45 and 9.00am. You are all most welcome.



Enquirers are currently creating entertaining play scripts using some of the Just William stories as a stimulus. Tremendous fun as been had whilst practising our own adaptations of small scenes from the story: A Question of Grammar. Next we are writing our own completely new scene - using the original characters of course!



In maths, currently we are exploring and developing our virtual fluency, reasoning and problem solving in the Four Operations.




Over the Autumn term we are using our enquiring minds to develop our skills, knowledge and understanding of: