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Eureka - A wonderful, enriching learning journey where we are nurtured, inspired and challenged to be adventurers, thinkers, explorers, investigators and enquirers for life.

Learning in Investigators...

Literacy Texts:

Investigators love Literacy and are all working extremely hard to understand, read, share and discuss a variety of stimulating texts. Also, the quality of their writing, the detailed description, the variety of sentence structures using vocabulary that evokes the reader allowing them to 'be' in the text is astonishing at times! We have some very talented writers, who think about the reader as they write. 

Spring Term 2018

HUGH - an Apache myth.

This video helped us to write our own myth in the same style.

The Boy in the Cupboard is the book we are using in class reading.
Brother Eagle Sister Sky has inspired us to produce some very descriptive and engaging writing about the environment and how precious our world is. Also, we have used Chief Seattle's messages to research some of the worlds great conservationists and produce an autobiography of the life; as if we are them.  

Autumn Term 2018




Please use these documents to support your children with their learning...

Maths in Investigators:

Delhi Belly - A

Banjolele Boogie - A