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Having listened to the feedback from our recent Home-Learning survey that suggested that many of the children would like to have a greater variety in their tasks and see their work shared on a wider platform we have been away and created the Eureka Competition Calendar for the second Spring half term. Each week there will be a small competition starting each Monday and ending on the Sunday for the children to enter if they wish to do so (these competitions are completely optional). Each week there will be an EYFS/Key Stage 1 winner and a Key Stage 2 winner.


Entries should be emailed to by Sunday 6 p.m. at the latest.


Please put the following information in your email: Child’s first name, second initial and class. For example: John S – Explorers.


The winner will then be announced on Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. and a certificate and prize presented to the winner.   All entries will be displayed on our school website under ‘News and Events’ and then ‘Competitions’.


This week's (1st March - 8th March) competition is linked to World Book Day!  If you are in Key Stage One or Early Years you need to draw or make your favourite character from a book, if you are in Key Stage 2 you need to make an advertising poster trying to sell your favourite book to the public - why should people go out and buy this book?  What is special about it?  Be persuasive!

Photography Competition Winners and Runners Up:


EYFS/Key Stage 1 Winner:  Jessica W (Thinkers)

EYFS/Key Stage 1 Runner Up:  Ayda T (Adventurers)


Key Stage 2 Winner:  Ted H (Investigators)
Key Stage 2 Runner Up: Sofia S  (Enquirers)

The winners and runners up have prizes and certificates waiting for them at the front desk outside the school office from tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

Well done to EVERYONE who took part - the standard of the entries absolutely blew me away and was one of the hardest competitions I have ever had to judge!  Everyone of you could have won for different reasons.  Real thought went in to the composition of your shots, there was some really creative use of light and props, the colours were beautiful and there was some great technical ability on show as well!   Please enjoy the slideshow below accompanied by a piece of music that sums up the entries perfectly - Spring by Vivaldi!

Competition Entries - Photography Contest - 22nd - 28th Feb, 2021

Still image for this video
The absolutely amazing photographs entered into our photography competition this week.

Week, Date and Name of Competition

Description of the Competition

Week One (22 – 28th February)


Super simple to start us off – get creative with your camera, either indoors or outdoors.  Using a phone, tablet or camera who can take the most interesting and/or beautiful photograph?


Week Two (1st – 7th March)


EYFS/Key Stage One:  Can you draw or make a character from your favourite book?

Key Stage Two:  Can you create a poster advertising your favourite book?  Most persuasive wins.


Week Three (8th – 14th March)

Singing / Live Music

Send us a short clip of you singing or playing along to either your favourite song or a song that you have written or composed yourself.  Most entertaining wins!


Week Four (15th – 21st March)


EYFS/Key Stage One:  Can you ask an adult to time you running around the perimeter path or the bowls green at Eureka park?  How quickly can you complete one lap of the path?

Key Stage Two:  Can you ask an adult to time you running around the ‘square’ circuit at Eurek Park?  How quickly can you run one lap of the ‘square’?

Week Five (22nd – 29th March)

Computer Architecture

Using a computer game or programme who can create the most impressive building?  This could be in Minecraft, Lego Worlds or any other game that allows you to build structures.


Week Six ( 29th March – 4th April)


Again super simple to finish off the term – get creative with your paint brush/chalks/felt tips or whatever you have access to for drawing at home and create a beautiful piece of art.  This doesn’t have to be limited to paper and it can be 2D or 3D!