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Eureka Primary School

Eureka - A wonderful, enriching learning journey where we are nurtured, inspired and challenged to be adventurers, thinkers, explorers, investigators and enquirers for life.

Who's Who

Welcome to

Eureka Primary School.


Come and meet the school team!


Miss Hurt


Mr Brazier

Senior Teacher

Adventurers - FS2/Y1

Miss Sherriff

Teaching Assistant


Mr  Thompson

Class Teacher

Thinkers - Y1/2

Mrs Parker

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Edwards

Teaching Assistant


Miss Baker

Class Teacher

Explorers - Y3/4

Miss Eyley

Teaching Assistant



Mrs Mitchell

Class Teacher

Investigators - Y4/5

Mrs Fearn

Teaching Assistant


Miss McDermott

Support TA


Mrs Johnson

Assistant Headteacher

Enquirers - Y5/6

Mrs Topliss

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Silk



Mrs Condren

Business Manager


Mr Curtis



Mrs Edwards, Mrs Wright, Mrs Topliss

Miss Summerfield, Mrs Sharp.

Midday Supervisors



Mrs German

PPA Teacher






Mrs Lee, Mrs Chadwick,

Miss Kimberley .

Kitchen Staff