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Eureka Primary School is committed to the well-being and safety of your child, effectively carrying out all safeguarding procedures. 


Ofsted Jan 2023: The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.  Leaders have established a vigilant culture.  Staff are well trained.  They know how to spot the signs that a pupil may be at risk of harm.  Pupils say they feel safe at school.  They know they can talk to staff about any concerns using the 'worry boxes'.  The overwhelming majority of parents agree.  Leaders' safeguarding records are comprehensive.  They work tenaciously with external agencies, including social and health care, to ensure that vulnerable pupils, and their families, receive the support they need.


Our vision is for all the children in our school community to feel 'safe, happy and comfortable' so they can enjoy all elements of everyday life at our school.

At Eureka Primary School we have a Safeguarding Team (listed below); the whole school seek to identify and overcome all barriers to learning as an important part of the partnership between school and families. Information about our approach to pastoral support, online-safety and our policies and procedures can be found below.

You can download the important Safeguarding information for parents and carers and other leaflets and documents, that may be useful, further down this page.


             Safeguarding Team

 Miss C Hurt        Designated Safeguarding Lead

 Mrs J White      Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

 Mr A Brazier      Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

 Mrs K Gorman    Safeguarding Governor 


Please contact the school office on 01283 216451 to speak to any of the above personnel.  If it is out of school hours or the school holidays, then please email:


Safeguarding Information


Staff in school, by law, have a duty to report any concerns that they may have that any child may be suffering significant harm, particularly as a consequence of possible abuse. It is a Department for Education requirement that each school in the country nominates a senior member of staff who will have special responsibility for Child Protection. At Eureka, we have three members of staff who have received advanced safeguarding training. 

The school has a policy on Safeguarding, which has been agreed by the Governing Body. As a school, we have close contacts with the School Health Service, Children's Services and the Police, any or all of who may become involved if abuse is suspected or alleged. The school has a responsibility to collate basic information such as who has parental responsibility for a child, and to pass this information to the relevant agencies if so requested. In the event of an investigation into possible child abuse, the school has a duty to cooperate with the investigating agencies to the best of their ability to promote the welfare of the child. Whilst the school will always attempt to work in partnership with parents and carers, and try to ensure that they are fully informed of, and participate in, any action concerning their child, if there is a conflict of interest; the welfare of the child must be the paramount consideration.

School takes very seriously the appointing of new staff and follows the 'Safer Recruitment' advice from the Local Authority. Our staff and volunteers are DBS checked to ensure all our pupils stay safe.


Should you wish to discuss child protection and the safety of your child, or indeed, any other child in school, please feel free to contact the safeguarding team. 


There may be times when your child, you and your family require some advice and support.  Early Help is a system to ensure that you get the right help and support needed.  Through the Pingle Academy, we can refer you for this.  This will always be completed with your permission.  There is a strong relationship with our Family Support Worker who would visit you in your home, advise you of other agencies that can support you and your family and also visit your child / children in school to complete direct work.  Please see the information in the documents below.


There may also be times when adults are concerned about children in the community.


If so, then you can contact:

DCC's Child Protection department on 01629 533190

or The NSPCC on 0808 800 5000.


Please don't ignore concerns; child protection is everyone's responsibility.



If you have any concerns about your child or someone you know being a victim of cyber bullying, the following organisations can offer support:


The Anti-Bullying Alliance






Get connected


The Parent Zone


Young Minds

UK Safer Internet Centre


See many of these links below.



Anything you notice can help a child at risk.


We all have a role to play in protecting children and young people from child abuse and neglect.  Many people do not act because they’re worried about being wrong.  You don’t have to be absolutely certain; if you’re concerned a child is being abused or their safety is at risk, speak to someone.

Child abuse. If you think it, report it.


To spot the signs of child abuse or neglect look out for changes in these characteristics:

  • Appearance: such as unusual injuries or consistently poor hygiene.
  • Behaviour: such as being withdrawn, overly anxious, disruptive or self-harming or any other sudden changes in behaviour.
  • Communication: such as talking aggressively, using sexual language or becoming secretive.

Physical Abuse

Emotional Abuse

Sexual Abuse


Online Abuse