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Welcome to Thinkers 2023/2024


Meet The Team!

Miss Baker - Class Teacher 

Miss Hollins - Supply TA 

Miss Crawley - Training TA

Autumn Term 

This term our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday will be our Real PE session where we will be focusing on personal skills, developing every child's ability to keep trying and persevere with a task. Thursday we will have the PE coach working on fundamental skills like, running and jumping. Please make sure your child comes to school in PE uniform on these days, long hair tied back and jewellery removed.

Our topic this half term is History, we will be learning all about our home county and local area, focusing on what makes Swadlincote special and the jobs people can do there. We will also look at what makes Swadlincote popular and the surrounding shires.

In science we will be learning about animals including humans, we will look at different animal groups and their young, the habitats they live in and how they are suited to their habitat and animal and human life cycles. 

For our art unit we will be exploring the work of Henri Rousseau, we will look at the painting of the Tiger in a storm, we will look at different layering and texturing techniques. We will focus on sketching skills to draw forests, plants and tigers.

In computing we will be learning how to log on to the chromebooks and use the internet properly, children will develop their understanding of what information technology is and will begin to identify examples. They will discuss where they have seen IT in school and beyond, in settings such as shops, hospitals, and libraries. Learners will then investigate how IT improves our world, and they will learn about the importance of using IT responsibly.



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Reading and Spellings 

Reading at home and sharing a book with your child is really important! Your child should spend around 10-15 minutes each night sharing a book with you and then asking them questions based on their book. Why, How do you know and Explain are excellent questions to use to get your child really thinking about what they have read. 

Your child will also bring home spellings every week, your child will need to practice their spellings in the front of their spelling book every week ready for their spelling test each Friday. 

Y1 and Y2 Common Exception Spelling Word Lists