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Welcome to Thinkers 2023/2024


Meet The Team!

Miss Baker - Class Teacher 

Miss Hollins - Supply TA 

Miss Wright - University Student

Summer Term 

This term our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday will be our Real PE session where we will be focusing on physical skills, developing every child's ability to keep trying and persevere with a task. Thursday we will have the PE coach working on fundamental skills like, striking and fielding skills, bat and raquet skills. Please make sure your child comes to school in PE uniform on these days, long hair tied back and jewellery removed.

Our topic this half term is Geography, we will be learning all about the Welsh Mountains, what can be found there. We will learn about the highest mountains and Snowdownia National Park, the children will be able to identify different physical and human features, they will also be able to use maps to locate mountains and the three coasts of Wales. 

In science we will be looking at living things and their habitats. The children will learn that everything is categorised as alive, dead or never been alive. We will look at different habitats and how animals adapt to live in certain habitats. We will look at different food chains and see what habitats and food supplies we can find in the school grounds. 

For our art unit we will be exploring the work of Claude Monet, we will look at the painting of the Apple Tree, we will look at different techniques we can use with a paintbrush to create dot like markings, we will also experiment with colour mixing to create tones and colours that compliment each other.

In computing we will be creating media in the form of digital music. We will experience music and the children will be asked to respond to the music and how it makes them feel. They will then learn how to make sound on the computer they will work on improving this by making patterns with the sounds and they will create music for a purpose, such as the sounds of animals, following a rhythm. 

As always we will have a strong focus on reading and writing this term. All year 1 children will be taking their phonics screening check so reading and phonics practice at home is very important as well as our daily phonics, spelling and grammar sessions. We will also be having a big focus on presentation and handwriting, all children should have clear joined handwriting by the end of year 2. Our whole class reading unit will be using the book Rabbits Bad Habits.



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Reading and Spellings 

Reading at home and sharing a book with your child is really important! Your child should spend around 10-15 minutes each night sharing a book with you and then asking them questions based on their book. Why, How do you know and Explain are excellent questions to use to get your child really thinking about what they have read. 

Your child will also bring home spellings every week, your child will need to practice their spellings in the front of their spelling book every week ready for their spelling test each Friday. 

Y1 and Y2 Common Exception Spelling Word Lists