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Eureka - A wonderful, enriching learning journey where we are nurtured, inspired and challenged to be adventurers, thinkers, explorers, investigators and enquirers for life.


     Welcome to Enquirers Class 2023-2024


During this year, Enquirers will experience and engage in an exciting learning journey with

Mr Thompson, Mrs Eaton, Mrs Edwards and Mrs D'Oyley. We will be looking to develop their ability to ask questions and to be able to question things, which they may sometimes not believe to be true. As a class we will help to nurture, inspire and challenge each other and aim to be enquirers for life. 

Hello Enquirers...

Now in Spring 2, the children will learn how the Ancient Egyptians were an important civilisation and how there era overlapped with our past learning of Ancient Greece. We will It focus on life in Ancient Egypt and discus some of their achievements that influence modern life. There is opportunity to study Egyptian religion and their achievements.


Important Information and Dates:


School for Enquirers begins at 8.45 am each morning through the large gates to the car park gates, having been greeted by Miss Hurt.  They walk through the carpark where they will be met by myself at the classroom door. This will be the same process for the end of the day (3:15pm) where children will walk from the classroom, to the carpark gate.


PE will be taking place on a FRIDAY this term; please make sure your child wears their PE uniform to school with a school jumper or cardigan on those days. 


Home learning is, and will continue to be, added to our Google classroom class area. Please encourage your child/ren to complete this and ensure that this is handed in weekly. Part of their Home Learning is to read regularly - not forgetting to comment in their Reading Diary.


Mrs D'Oyley will  teach the Enquirers every Monday; she will be teaching the core subjects alongside PE and Science.


Please see our curriculum map on our main class page for an outline of this term's learning.

Curriculum Overviews for this academic year