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Home Learning

Home Learning Autumn Term 2019


Spellings to be learned each week for testing the following Monday - we are currently checking all the Year 3/4 words that we should know - children will bring home any words that they are not sure of, to practise.

Specific Home Learning (weekly spellings) can be found for the whole year through the Spelling link, on our main class page.




This will be promptly followed by learning all of our Y5/6 spellings:



Times Tables:

We are also trying to learn and recall all our times tables facts up to 12x12 quickly - we need these facts at our finger-tips to make sure that we can apply them to all our work with fractions, decimals and percentages later in the term.



Please encourage the children to read every day - reading improves greatly by regular practise and enjoyment follows rapidly. Please ensure that any reading done at home is recorded in your child's diary - home reading, completed books, chapters read...all earn sticker rewards for their bookmarks, to gain certificates for reading, that are presented in assemblies.