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Welcome to The Explorers Class!


The Explorers Team:

Miss Baker

 Miss Eyley

Mrs Edwards



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Class Information:

PE this term will be on Monday and Friday afternoons, we will use the Real PE scheme to focus on personal, social, cognitive and creative skills. Both our sessions will be indoor PE for the first half term, then hopefully move to an outdoor PE session after February half term.


Spellings are set on spelling shed, the children will need to practice at home and in school - we will be recapping some of the year 1/2 spelling rules to fill in any gaps including phonics practice where appropriate. We will then focus on the year 3/4 spelling rules and common exception words. All children have been given a homework folder they have either phonics tasks to complete or handwriting. 


Our topic theme this term is Geography. Our key questions is 'Where in the world would you like to book a holiday?' the children will be exploring Europe, and other countries around the world. They will also learn about countries in the northern and southern hemisphere and along the equator. They will learn about different climates to help them decide where they would like to go on holiday!


Eureka is having a large focus on vocabulary this year and we are constantly encouraging our children to learn and explore new vocabulary and use this in their work, we hope you will support us and encourage this at home - any vocabulary that is age appropriate will be useful for your child to learn.


At the end of each week we will celebrate the children's learning by choosing our 'WOW' work of the week, this is a piece of work that has been completed to a high standard, meeting the learning objective and meeting all the expected criteria for the lesson, this will be displayed in the classroom for one week. We also have a special helper system, where two children are chosen at random each day to help out around the classroom, each child will receive a turn. 


Please let one of the Explorers team know if we can be of any help with your child's learning or answer any questions you may have.



Explorers Curriculum Overview