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Eureka - A wonderful, enriching learning journey where we are nurtured, inspired and challenged to be adventurers, thinkers, explorers, investigators and enquirers for life.

New Starters 2023

Hello there!

I am Mr Brazier, the super proud class teacher of the Adventurers - the class that your little boy or girl will be joining when they start their journey here at Eureka in September.  I am very lucky to work with a hugely talented and committed staff throughout the school but particularly within the Adventurers' Classroom.  Working very closely with me to provide an engaging, enhancing and enriching environment for your children to grow and learn within are Ms Sherriff (the class teaching assistant), Mrs Musk (EYFS/KS1 teaching assistant) and Miss McDermott (Whole School Teaching Assistant).  We are all incredibly excited to welcome your children to our school and to get to know you as their parents.

Throughout the second half of the Summer Term I will be making phone calls to your children's current nursery or child minder and talking about your child's learning at their setting, their learning needs and talk about any health, behavioural and special educational needs that your children may have.   We will then be ringing  you to get to know your child a little more through conversation with your good selves.  I will be asking you about their likes and dislikes as well as any medical and family information that may be relevant to them starting school.  These phone calls are an important step in building up a picture of your child before they start and planning engaging topics and activities for when they start school so please feel free to talk about your child as much as you feel you need to.  We would ask that if your child has any additional needs (medical, educationally or behaviourally) or if you have any concerns about your child's development or starting school that you mention these things during these chats to give us time to action your comments and put the children's interests at the heart of our new school year starting in September 2023.