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Hi All


Tonight, at 8.00pm, the government informed us of a national lockdown commencing at midnight tonight.  This means that we are not allowed to leave our house unless it is absolutely necessary and if you can work from home, you must.


All schools are now closed but key worker and vulnerable children can still attend.


Due to the late notice of the announcement, it has been decided that school will be closed for ALL children tomorrow in order for us to be able to organise and sort out key worker and vulnerable children numbers, staffing for this and home learning.  I know this may inconvenience some of you who are key workers, and I do apologise for this, but please understand that we have only just found out this information and need tomorrow to be able to put plans in place safely and effectively.


I will be in contact tomorrow re key worker and vulnerable children; home learning through Tapestry and Google Classroom will begin on Wednesday and Zoom calls will start next week.


As always, we are a team and we will work together.  It is a worrying time for us all but we will get through this lockdown supporting each other.    


Best wishes, Miss Hurt